Tuesday, 21 October 2014


The day started off well. Upon arriving in copenhagen I went to get coffee from what I presume what the starbucks coffee chain equivalent in Copenhagen. I ordered a skinny vanilla latte while the lovely barista went on to ask where I was from. I asked if the Amaretto flavoured latte was alcoholic (presuming that Amaretto was an almond liqueur) and he went on to explain that it was just flavoured syrup made out of almonds. We both laughed agreeing that alcohol at 9am was not exactly what we had in mind. He then very kindly went to introduce Freetown Christiania to me, explaining its history and directions to get there. It was definitely one of those lovely conversations I always enjoy and was perfect to start the trip.

I then made it to the Naja's apartment. Naja's a sociologist and short stories writer. She frequents cafes very often and is definitely an advocate of an indie lifestyle. We talked about cool streets to visit and then the democratic open ruling school that was viewable from the window, beyond the garden. The school had graffiti all over its walls, expressing the means of a free voice from the students who ruled the school. The system had been implemented since the 70s and is a private school. Students who wanted to attend and could not afford the financial means to do so could even volunteer as cleaners in exchange for their education.

I then headed out for my free walking tour at 2pm. Before reaching the city center, I went past soooo many lovely Scandinavian stores and only had the time to visit 1. Got a tailored strip shirt with a cropped back and elongated front, am gonna wear it tomorrow! Ended up grabbing a quick lunch from the famous food market and coffee from coffee collective! Suuuuper yummy chicken baguette and coffee = <3, plus the view in the park really just took my breath away.

Met our tour guide, Ben, from Canada. He was such a lovely sport, very animated and lively. Made friends with another Singaporean, Habib and Iris, a sweet Dutch girl.

Ended off the evening with a strawberry and chamomile tea at original coffee with Iris after the walking tour.

Reeeally tired now and am gonna grab a quick nap before picking Dani up later from the station!


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Going through customs and the lady asks: “how old are you girl”
I reply: “24”
She goes: “24?… you look like…”
I finish her sentence while she hesitates on whatever she is about to say: “Like a child.” (I say grinning, knowing she might check my passport again)
She rebuts me saying: “Why do you say you look like a child, why don’t you acknowledge the good genes you have?”
We both laugh and I smile at her saying “well now I do”

Friday, 22 August 2014

Witty ;)

"Marketing is creating stories that are then tested through sales. Stories that connect, sell. (This ad for Scotch tape is a great example of that kind of storytelling.) Marketing is a career for people who thrive on caring for others. And people who tell stories thrive so much that they’re actually healthier. By telling all of the stories of my life I have kept myself healthier than the commenters who have read those stories and then told me how messed up I am. This was what I wanted to say, but I wrapped it up in a story about marketing as storytelling in order to work this in. And that is the power of storytelling."

What was once learned in finance as diversifying risk has made its way into the way we live our lives:

'We live in a world of compromise where it is difficult to make absolute commitments to a paradigm when there are significant tradeoffs associated with each choice. How do we respond? One option is to select composite – or “hybrid” – solutions made up of different elements that together soften the blow of the tradeoffs tied to each individual choice.' -Forbes.com

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The more we chase for money and power
The more discontent we become with ourselves.
The sadder we become
& the more disconnected we grow from our loved ones.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

In Japanese we have the word "suteki". Nowadays we usually use it to say "cool" or "nice", but the word is said to have many origins. One possible interpretation refers to the quality of being able to remain natural even in the face of an enemy. someone who can do that is supremely confident and strong.

Saturday, 9 August 2014


"You are above reducing yourself for the sake of rank.
I pray that he would marry you without a penny to your name.
That is a man who would truly treasure you."


"See how my heart beats? I am utterly taken with you Ms Lindsey"
"Despite is such pronounced protestation from your brother"
"He cannot overlook your mother's origins as I do. Foolish. Why should anyone even pay her regards, when your better half has equipped you so well with loveliness and privilege?"
"What a lovely sound."
"You are unrelentingly cultured. Come, let's find it."