Saturday, 22 November 2014

Were we never supposed to love?
For all good comes bad and the greater the good the harsher the bad.
Droll habits of reassurance and comfort, of friendship and family.
Have they always been hypothesis of the weak to cope with the pain of reality?
Does pain exist?
The perpetual battle between self worth and the perception of one by society with the actual pathetic misery of one's reality?
What is family?
Who and why does this word exist?
Has its existence surpassed its time?
Does knowledge have meaning? Does it mean anything to have knowledge? 
What is the purpose of all of us being here?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hi there, I miss you.

I miss your hands, your rough hands that would devour my tiny palms with one grasp.
Your gaze, the way you would look at me and smile as we locked eyes.
Your warmth and protection.
Your words of encouragement. 
The sun on my back as I lay on your chest & drew on your hand as you played with my hair.
The way you leaned in and peered curiously with those ocean wide deep blue eyes.
I miss you.
I miss all of you.

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Visited Colonial Güell today and am now at Montserrant.
Gaudi is amazing, that's all I can say.
The monestary was lovely, it's located up in the clouds during this time of the year.
I made prayers for my family, friends and expressed gratitude for the amazing time I've had so far.
I've been so fortunate, I can't believe this trip even realistically happened.
It's been dreamy.
It's been mind blowing.
It's definitely changed my perspective on life,
my attitude towards myself & my pursuits.
I can't be more grateful for it all.


Off to discover Antonio Gaudi's work!
Nothing much to say except for how exhausted I was from being wow'ed by his works the whole day.
They were too great.
Too amazing.
In a nutshell, I visited Casa Batllo, La Pedera, Sagrada Familia and Park Güell.
I must say that visiting barcelona this time of the year was pretty great as I literally didn't have to queue for any of these places except for a short half an hour wait for Sagrada Familia.
But considering their world class status, I was really fortunate that I managed to walk straight in to all the other spots.

My favourite was Casa Batllo, how someone can create something so beautiful and ergonomically at one with it's aesthetic, just blew my mind.


Day 2 in Zurich and we discovered an old warehouse converted into a theatre space!

Had so much fun wondering around the space and after, while walking back to the city center, I discovered a route along the river that brought us to possibly the loveliest local hangout spot ever! 
Couldn't have dreamed of a better discovery!
Graffiti artists (whom I speculated were probably lawyers or bankers by weekday and rebel by weekend), people basking in the sun, hiding out in a cafe that blasted amazing nudisco music, an amazing cuppa caffe latte, it was a time I had missed for a while now.
City creatures will always be city creatures huh.
Headed off to the airport together and JF was so sweet to send me off.
Off I headed to Barcelona!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Touchdown Zurich and the second I got out of the arrival gates, I scoured the floor for JF.
I was meeting her here for the weekend and was already excited to see her from a few days before.
Managed to get wifi and received her text, while already walking towards her direction.
Saw her face amidst the queue in the cafe and smiled so wide I could feel the corners of my mouth touching my ears!!
Hugged each other so tight I swear the entire airport was staring at us.
But we didn't care, we were SO HAPPY to see each other.
Off we went to the hotel!

We walked around the city center, the pier and the shopping district.
Clearly fell in love with the quality of the selection Zurich gets with all it's luxury brands.
It was another world.
You never saw some of the pieces ever in London, sometimes only on rare occasions.
They had all the good stuff.
We were lucky enough to catch a boat race and the guys were REALLY GOOD!
They were powering down the river as if there was an actual motor attached to their boat.
The whole city was gathered around the river with speakers standing along the entire pier, blasting commentary on the race from the emcee stationed at one of the bridges.
We strolled and strolled and strolled and ended up with cheese fondue and raclette for dinner.
It was such a calm and lovely day.


Plitvice Lakes :)

Made it to the lakes on my own after being turned down by multiple tour groups. 
But the journey was so easy, I really didn't have to worry beforehand.
I then made my way through the hiking route & made some Indian friends along the way who were on an exchange in Lyon.
One of the poor girls fell and hurt the ankle!
Really wanted to help but I didn't have anything on me :(
Made it to the waterfalls and hiked through a cave.
Met some Malaysians along the way and the grandmother of the group was extremely sweet, waiting for me as I climbed off onto a viewpoint off some overhanging rocks.
"Small girl like you can't be left alone" she said.
I reassured her telling her how I've already been travelling on my own, she was so warm and caring, it melted my heart a little.
The hike was amazing and Debra my flatmate from Split was right.
It was "Omg, omg. Omg" everywhere haha
Gawking at every angle you turn, mouth dropped wide, and uncontrollable gasps of surprise.
It was such a great day and I was ready to leave Zagreb, but already deeply missing Split.
"Remember that plant? Remember what is it?"
"Yeah, I do. It's the tree that grows out of the cactus after it has died"
"No, not after but when it is about to die"
"Oh, right okay."
"But good, you remember"
"Of course"